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Carbon 60

Australian Certified Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

  Research grade Carbon 60 (0.8 mg / ml) & ( 0.225 mg / capsule).

  Cold-pressed to retain antioxidant & nutrients.

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About C60

C60 is unique in its ability to keep on donating / accepting electrons whilst not altering the structure of the C60 molecule – thus effectively recycling the molecule unlike such time as it is eliminated from the body.

Disease occurs within the body when bodily systems are allowed to degrade to such a degree that we can no longer regenerate & maintain homeostasis. This is where the old adage rings particularly true – An Ounce of Prevention is Worth a Pound of Cure!

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Australian Certified Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil fully saturated with solvent-free, research grade Carbon 60 (0.8 mg / ml).

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between C60 Oil and C60 Capsules?

The main difference is the convenience of having C60 in a capsule form. This form is typically much easier for people to consume, definitely if you do not like an oil-based substance, have sensitive taste or if you have a busy schedule and travel a lot.

Each capsule contains 0.225 mg and a serving size is 4 capsules ( 0.225 mg x 4- 0.9 mg total). This is the same recommended dose as the C60 Oil variant. 

How do I store the C60 Oils?

It is interesting to note that C60 once suspended in oil at a saturation level is sensitive to Ultra Violet light – which means be sure to keep in a cool dark place out of direct light. One can keep the product in the fridge – though the only thing being is after a period the oil will congeal / solidify (which will not affect the efficacy of the product, though will make it a little difficult to use!

How much C60 do I to take?

Dosage really depends upon personal requirements. A good place to begin & acclimatise to the C60 is 1 – 2 tablespoons
 every day, any time of day, with or without food.

Ideally we like 5ml once daily preferably on empty stomach preferably in the morning. There are about 20 teaspoons in our 100 ml bottle.

Some of our customers who are performance athletes prefer taking an entire 100 ml bottle all at once, one bottle per month. This method provides a noticeable boost in performance for some people.

For those aiming for higher doses of 10-20ml daily we advise starting on a lower dose of 5ml daily for the first week as some experience detox reactions taking too much too soon.

For topical application, we recommend rubbing a few drops per day into the area that you are focusing on.

What type of shipping do you use?

We ship using the Australian Post to all destinations domestically with full tracking provided upon dispatch so you can follow the order online as it moves through the postal system. You can choose standard or express upon checkout. 

Will Carbon 60 help with or cure my disease/ailment?

Carbon 60 is still in the early research phase—particularly regarding its effect on human health. Currently, the bulk of this research is being done by individuals studying a broad range of conditions and health effects, with the goal that the information gathered will eventually lead to larger scale controlled studies and some firm answers on what this fascinating molecule can do. We appreciate your feedback during this phase of scientific discovery, as every bit of data collected will help guide the research where it’s most useful.

What does Carbon 60 olive oil taste like?

Because our oil is fully saturated and coupled with the already peppery taste of our high quality extra virgin olive oil, it can be a little intense on more sensitive palates. For this reason, many people choose to take the oil by dipping a bit of bread or drizzling on a salad.

What Is Your Return Policy?

Returns are accepted within 30 days of you receiving the product, if they are not opened, and in the original condition you received them. You will need to arrange and pay for the shipping of the product return.  Please email us with your order details if you wish to request to return an order.

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